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Veta Shipping Ship Maintenance and Repair

Veta Gemi became operational in 2010 in the maritime sector. Since its establishment, it has been serving in the diagnostic equipment, steel construction and ship industry with its professional team.

Veta Gemi aims to reach the top in the production of ship deck equipment by developing its high standard products such as side ladder, sliding pier, rope bollard, hydrophore tank day by day and bringing it to the highest level in technical terms. At the same time, Veta Gemi, which adopts the understanding of quality service as a principle, has gained the respect of its customers and aims to be reliable.

Veta Gemi, which provides a great service benefit to the industry of the country, aims to reach the world industry. It is known for attaching great importance to innovative ideas and research and development. Veta Gemi has tested the durability of each product and at the same time, it has guaranteed its products with its after-sales maintenance and repair service.

For this reason, it continues to improve itself and its products at full speed without recognizing any competitors in its fields of activity. Veta Gemi makes timely deliveries within the framework of reliable and quality service and stands behind it until the end of its work.

  • We know your needs and act accordingly.
  • We attach importance to the trust, quality and satisfaction triangle.
  • We produce solutions for the future.
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Budget Friendly

We choose to understand your economic conditions and make offers accordingly. We believe that the best solutions are always available for every budget.


Experienced Team

We are a great team because we care about you and focus on your point of view. This leads us to research and continue our training ahead of time. We work for you, we develop while working, we grow together. We are expanding the number of certificates in our academy even more and getting ourselves recognized with our services. We adapt to the times and keep up to date.

We continue to crown our international certificates such as Registro Italiano Navale (RINA) and Bureau Veritas.

Until this time, we have managed to satisfy hundreds of customers and successfully conclude thousands of cases.

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