Our Products

VetaShip VG-2584 Bollards are used to secure vesselsto dock using mooring lines, or during towingmaneuvers and operations.


VetaShip VG-200 and VG-300 Drums are specifically designed to take up the least amount of space on deck.


VetaShip VG-2serie Chocks are manufactured using cast steel. Surfaces coming into contact with the mooring line are smoothened with no…


VetaShip VG-2585 Guide Rollers are available as a stand alone component to be mounted and welded by yourself on ship,…


VetaShip VG-serie external doors are: Weathertight - VG-6090. Spraytight - VG-6091.

External doors

VetaShip VG-6261 & VG-6262 Manhole Covers can be bulkhead mounted, or on deck with the VG-6263 flush version.

Manhole covers

VetaShip VG-6028 Emergency Hatches are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions.


VetaShip Ladder VG 2654 is used in a tank, or other strategic room in a Vessel.

Steel ladders