We aim to reach the top in ship deck equipment production by developing high standard products such as side ladder, sliding pier, bollards, booster tanks day by day and increasing the technical level to the highest level. At the same time, we aim to be reliable and respectful of our customers, adopting the principle of quality service.

We aim to reach the world industry as we provide a great service benefit to the industry of the country. We attach great importance to innovative ideas, research and development, and at every opportunity we state that I am open to improvement. We have tested the durability of each product and at the same time ensure to guarantee our products with after-sales maintenance and repair services.

We guarantee the best solution for issues such as Bollards, Chainstoppers, Chocks, Drums, External doors, Fairleads, Guide Rollers, Hatches, Internal doors, Manhole Covers, Offshore, Steel ladders.


What We Do

We select and produce original designs, we provide flexibility to solutions that seem complex.


We start with planning first, a good plan is a good result. After the planning phase, we turn to the projecting process, we want our feet to be on the ground at this stage. The most enjoyable part of the job is to present the results, we have difficulty being modest in this regard.

  • Planning
  • Projection
  • Representation

Repair and maintenance is a vital issue for continuity, as is for us.


We manufacture ladders for ships of all types and sizes. Product range; Includes Handrail Ladders, Accommodation Ladders and Gangway Ladders. Generally, we use ISO-International standards, BS-British Standards, JlS-Japanese Industrial Standards and DIN-German Standards in these products. We produce solutions for all kinds of repair, maintenance, repair and docking works of deck equipment by means of experienced and expert technical personnel.

  • Steel ladders
  • Deck Equipment
  • Equipment Repair & Maintenance

We are aware of what we can gain by investing in our academy, just as you will. By looking at values from an academic perspective, we find rational results.


From performance management to critical analysis, we are always with you.

  • Performance Management
  • Critical Analysis
  • Interactive Consultation

While strengthening our data banks thanks to our academy, we investigate compatible analysis systems. Digital modeling, data analysis and applied engineering are indispensable to our business plan.


We scale the value that all processes add to you as we take it as our mission to make full use of the benefits of technology.

  • Technology
  • Process
  • People

We process solid systems by scrutinizing and frequently weaving. Our engineering department improves itself in time management, workforce control and efficiency.


We move complex and rigid systems to flexibility.

  • Construction Engineering
  • Automation Engineering
  • Technical Consultation

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We know that you are sensitive about business management and time management, and we act in this direction. We adapt to the discipline of the work flow.


Task 1: Getting Started

If you are ready, you can start right away.

Task 2: Improvements

You are almost finished, you can continue for the results.

Task 3: Delivery

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